27 x 22 cm

Covert by Latyn black paper 230 gr with stamping hot transparent
Interior: Stuco Siro Calce avory 130 gr; obra 90 gr; one fourfold by
coated papel mate with spot varnishing 120 gr and two fourfold by Stuco Sirio Calce avory 130 gr
Binding stitched white black thread

Language: Spanish & English
Price: U$s 120


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“La invariante temporal” from Marcelo Grosman gathers a selection of work done between the late eighties to the present. The book also reunites the artist´s reflections on the uses of photography in the contemporary space of images. His production goes from classic photography to the manipulation of archives of images, and he presents them in various media: Installations, video, and many ways of reproduction and optical capture, contemporary and obsolete. The image in movement and the subject in movement is the synthesis of a conceptual exercise throughout his work: there is not chronological order, but the order of the various intellectual explorations, around the domestication of the body, the social taxonomies, the secret languages, the iconography of gestures and the uses of technique amongst his multiple searches.

Editor: Valeria Balut
Texts: Ariel Schettini, Virginia Castro, Santiago García Navarro y
Amanda de la Garza Mata
Graphic Desing: Tomás Ruiz y Santiago Goria
Proofreading: Marisa Sesin & Ilona Aczel
Traslation: Jane Brodie & Marisa Sesin
Color Management: Marcelo Grosman
Image Post- Production: Paula Parodi & Marcelo Grosman
Archive: Valeria Balut