20 x 24 x 30

Cover with silkscreen and sticker printed 4/0 cmyk.
Inside: 83 pages onto illustration mate 163 gm2 Printed: Duotone 1/0 Grey Cool and spot varnish on extra run.
60 pages onto Bokcell 80 gm2
Printed: 4/4 cmyk
Hardcover, head and tail bans 2,5 board and thread sewn.
Language: Spanish & English

Price: U$s 50

Limited edition consisting of 500 sealed copies.

25 copies signed by the artist, together with a printed portrait.
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“Usos de la fotografía VII: Fotos” by artist Julio Grinblatt was conceived from a series of daily appointments scheduled by the artist from May 21 to June 11, 2016 in the City of Buenos Aires. He welcomed many guests over such period; when they entered the vacant apartment, they bumped into a table exhibiting 900 black and white photographic portraits. Every one of such pictures was handled by the guests very cautiously. They wore white cotton gloves to protect the exchange of pictures. All those photographs are part of Grinblatt’s archive, which he started to build 30 years ago.
The book draws on this experience very closely and gathers 83 pictures from the archive.
The visual edition comes with two essays by authors Verónica Tell and Mónica Giron. They both use different approaches to examine the experience and provide an account of what happened.
The technical sheets of each of those pictures are at the end—like technical instructions—to reveal their chemical magic.

[This is a limited edition consisting of 500 sealed copies and 25 copies signed by the artist, together with a printed portrait.]

Edition:Valeria Balut
Texts: Verónica Tell and Mónica Giron
Graphic Desing: Paula Galli
Proofeiding: Marisa Sein
Traslate: Marisa Sein
Imagen post-production: Paula Parodi & Marcelo Grosman
Color Managment: Marcelo Grosman